Vintage Glass Door Knobs Unique

Vintage glass door knobs – Install a door handle locks will increase the security of your home. A door knob lock will provide more security than the one lock alone. Two types of door handles locks are available, single and double. Whatever lock you choose, installation of vintage glass door knobs is the same. Instructions […]

Ceramic knobs – Buy new knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets can be a fun way to brighten up the room with a splash of color or design. Do-it-yourselfers, however, can help to create their own wheels. By buying a flat, smooth knob hardware and get a bit messy, or by working with a local […]

Unsafe Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring – Knob and tube wiring is 2 strand with a neutral wire only and a hot wire. Also uses no ground wire. There is really no protection when a fault occurs. Result from the faults caused by knob and tube wiring can easily make Shocks and fires. Second, for insulation, thisĀ is […]

Unique Bathtub Knob Replacement

Bathtub knob replacement – Bath is a great design in your bathroom, which can be very costly to replace. But there are some simple things that you can update your tub without breaking your wallet. Consider the bathroom accessories. Will make your bathtub look better by changing your shower curtain design that is more modern […]

Small Antique Brass Door Knobs

Antique brass door knobs – There is a nostalgic bond between door and knobs. There are a number of different shapes and sizes of door knobs for doors. Door knobs made of polished brass and chrome are very popular these days, but somehow most of them failed to show elegance among the antique buttons glass […]

Popular Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs

Oil rubbed bronze door knobs – “Bronze” is a general term use to describe aged bronze. Bronze usually dark in color and may have a coppery hue. This finish is designed for age naturally over time. The time in which the final bronze ages depends on your location and how it is use. Doorknobs can […]

Traditional Closet Door Knob

Closet door knobs – Ah, that wonderful belief that has given us the grandmother. Preserved with love by generations and generations of our family. As we like! To the point that we will never separeremmo. Yet his knobs now have a worn appearance. And it would be time to change them. And then there is […]

Vintage Bronze Door Knobs

Bronze door knobs – The sophisticated, weathered look of aged bronze door handles adds a rustic, charming appeal of a home. Door with a rubbed bronze finish is designed to age naturally with time and repeated use. And that aged look will improved through the years. While age bronze door knobs go well with a […]